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Executive consulting and coaching

I support executives with blended coaching and business consulting according to their specific challenges and goals. Trust is based on shared values, exclusive attention and professionalism.

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Sales manager coaching

Support for sales managers in developing their coaching skills in order to build a high-performing sales team valued by customers, feared by competitors and recognised by the organisation.

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Sales excellence deployment

Design and implementation of sales excellence framework for efficient and joyful sales, appreciative customers and business success.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development.

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Our conversation was very helpful and looking at my situation now, it feels like when I got my glasses a few years ago and the world around me sharpened. That's exactly what I needed: a direction where should I go

Ágnes Molnár
Ágnes MolnárCoach

As a coach, I found it important to try what a client gets during coaching.
Andi was the best choice possible. I can only recommend it to everyone. She is kind, attentive, and can create an atmosphere in which you feel safe. You can see things and solutions that make your life a lot easier.
Thank you Andi

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