Sales manager development

The excellent performance of the sales area is crucial to the success of a commercial company. Sales people  receive special attention, and the expectations towards them are extremely high. The salesperson’s efficiency can be measured objectively, whereas the reasons for this are not always straight forward. Whether the circumstances, the plans, the lucky star determines it, or the knowledge, skills, and motivation-driven effort. 

Therefore, the most important task and one of the biggest challenges for sales managers is to lead their team towards success through continuously and consciously growing their motivation, skills, knowledge and effort. 

This engagement done consistently and professionaly leads the sales organization towards effectiveness so they become positively recognised within the organization and by their customers as well. To achieve this goal, sales managers can observe and develop salespeople during situational sales coaching. Professional sales coaching skills and techniques are inevitable aids in this exercise. 

I provide sales managers with proven sales coaching techniques using coach the coach method, in real-life sales coaching situations. This allows the sales manager and the salesperson to develop their skills during on-the-job sales situation and at the same time.

Sales coaching goals

Some of the key sales coaching skills that supports sales managers in developing their teams: