Imagine our children living in a transparent, sustainable and inclusive world. Let's create it now!

I achieve positive impact by providing value-centric and professional advise and coaching to business executives.


The personal growth of corporate leaders contributes to the successful and value-focused business environment and thus to socio-economic development.

How I contribute

Supporting with exclusive attention, trust and professionalism the personal and professional development of the executives as well as their business success.

Value creation

I support executives in achieving their goals, in meeting expectations whilst honouring personal values, enjoying happiness and success, along the lines of sustainable, ethical and inclusive value creation.


Andrea Bujdosó

I gained experience in B2B and B2C business management, sales, marketing and operations, primarily in multinational companies. I have worked for more than 15 years as a senior executive and in board positions at Xerox and Shell in Hungary. I had full business responsibility in several countries in the Central and Eastern European market. In global positions, we designed and implemented a business model change and sales excellence strategy with my team.

Between 2017-2019 I had the privilege to Chair the Board of Shell in Hungary as first female top leader for the local company and for the industry. I have been raising my voice for and supporting social causes in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, Equal Opportunities for Female Leaders, the Country’s Economic Competitiveness, Education, Early Childbirth.
I am infinitely grateful for all these experiences and opportunities and my mission is to pass on what I have learned.
I am a qualified proactive life and business coach.

Social Cause

I support next generations in making a conscious, sustainable decision about their own future. I offer them support through free career coaching sessions, where I talk to teenagers about their career choices and their life opportunities. During the conversations, they become aware of their goals and the activities they are happy and successful in doing. Youngsters are extremely grateful for being listened to. Through the coaching they become motivated and willing to put effort for a purpose that binds them with heart, reason and energy. Further to this I mentor and coach ladies at their early career stage, who also want to stand up as leaders.