Executive consulting and coaching

I support senior executives by harmoniously combining consulting and coaching tools to achieve their personal and business goals. In doing so, leaders develop themselves and the business they lead through a one-on-one relationship of trust and support. The proportion and extent of counseling and coaching depends on the goals and priorities set by the leader, the most important and fastest areas to be solved, always according to the decision of the leader.

Personal coaching

sessions support senior executives to bring up hidden opportunities and best possible solutions to the challenges they face. During personal coaching I apply predominantly the coaching toolbar.

Business coaching

Goals, solutions and actions emerged during the business coaching sessions are discussed and further elaborated. In such cases, I act as a sounding board and I complement the coaching process with proven solutions and methods to the specific business situation.

Business consulting

During business consulting sessions I consciously apply coaching tools to enable executives in enriching the process with their own solutions.

Executive coaching

Personal coaching supports senior executives in bringing their potential and solutions to the surface. One of the main strengths of coaching is that the time of discovery is significantly shortened, in my experience, dilemmas that last for years are solved, or long-cherished opportunities are realized in 3-6 months. In this way, the personal satisfaction, individual and professional fulfillment of the leader is realized, which directly affects the harmony of the corporate atmosphere and the success of the company. 

The following main benefits of personal coaching one can observe:

Business Consulting

I provide business consulting in the following main areas, primarily to senior executives in retail, wholesale and energy industries: