Way of working

I support senior executives by harmoniously blending consulting and coaching tools to achieve their personal and business goals. In doing so, leaders develop themselves and the business they lead through a one-on-one relationship of trust and support. The proportion and extent of counseling and coaching depends on the goals and priorities set by the leader, the most important and pressing areas to be solved, according to the leader’s decision. 

Cooperation is based on trust, a common set of values, discretion, exclusive attention and understanding. In a first conversation, I listen to the top manager’s personal and business goals, priorities, and expectations of working together. I will then outline my proposal for cooperation, my commitments during the process, the proposed methodology, duration, service package and contractual form. If we both believe that the initial trust has been established for the cooperation and that the goals can be achieved together, the coaching and counseling process will start with the agreed frequency and duration. 

During the coaching, the exploration of a specific area, the mapping, selection, implementation of the solutions and the evaluation of the results are usually realized within 4-6 sessions of about 1-1.5 hours conversation. This process may span over a 3-6 months period, depending on the complexity. In the case of counseling, the complexity of the topic determines the duration and content of the collaboration.

Exclusivity and privacy

Impact package

The self-improvement process contributes to increased personal satisfaction of the top manager in the short run and creates value for him or her in the long run, too. In line with personal impact, short- and long-term business impact is also important. Therefore, I focus on two main indicators of the success of the cooperation: 
  • the personal satisfaction of the senior manager 
  • the business impact achieved during the coaching / consulting process according to pre-defined goals.
The business impact of coaching and consulting determines its value, thus I also offer my services based on a fee proportionate with the business impact achieved.