Golden momentum

The utmost importance moment of personal growth is born when the leader decides he or she wants to embark into a development opportunity coupled with asking for and accepting external support, feedback, a mirror. In this unexpected valuable moment, the leader undertakes an inner path that is matured and refined during the subsequent coaching process.

Before planned coaching sessions, the leader consciusly immerse in own thoughts and feelings then puts into words everything that is not exactly right, the dreams but also what’s missing. Each coaching session is an excellent opportunity to rethink what the leader wants to achieve, what progress he or she expects from this committed process. These incredibly golden minutes that a leader dedicates him or herself are to really initiate change. That’s when time is working on his or her favour only, there’s nothing else distracting the focus.

And the coach is there for the leader as a true companion on this path. The coach supports him or her with subtle attention and gentle understanding, will encourage the leader to trust in his or her own path of discovery and development. Rightly so, because all the answers are there inside each of us just waiting for the right setting and the right time in which they can manifest. With his or her full focus and attention, the coach motivates the leader on deepening his / her own attention to himself / herself and from that moment the questions and answers become clear. It is a grateful, permissive, and liberating attention that is built on trust between the leader and the coach. The inhibiting factors loosen and the thoughts, feelings, creative solutions flow in drops more and more continuously and silkily.

And it turns out that there is always and in every situation a good enough solution!